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So why should you bother using a Baja Smart Real Estate agent?

Date Published: 02/11/2013

In a nutshell: to protect your interests in one of the most expensive acquisitions you’ll ever make in your life.

The commission this professionals earn end up benefiting you in various ways such as a better negotiation for the lowest price possible, understanding of the market cycles and history, legal certainty and undivided loyalty to you as a purchaser.

Buying property in Mexico can be easy or a very complex process, it could go either way. When you work with a Baja Smart Real Estate agent you are not being sold or pushed to buy a specific property, you are guided to make the acquisition that best fits your needs.

In today’s market listings take longer to sell and prices are not set in stone.  You might find yourself two identical houses, one selling for $300k and the other one selling for $200k. To the naked eye going for the lowest priced one is the way to go, but if you knew that the property is going to get its ocean views blocked and that the property selling for $300k with guaranteed ocean views is willing to lower his price, you would put a low offer on the 300k property.

Information like this you don’t find on the Internet, you find trough an experienced Real Estate agent with his allegiance to you. 

Written by William Scott / broker - owner Baja Smart Real Estate

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