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San Jose del Cabo Real Estate Listings

Date Published: 11/18/2013

Real Estate listings in San Jose del Cabo Mexico

Whether you are looking for a vacation property or for investment, our realtors provide you with unbiased and reliable information. We don't just sell, we educate and guide buyers to make a smart decision! We take care of the entire  process: the offer, contract, escrow and closing. Relax and lets find the property matching your needs.


1. Baja Smart Real Estate gives you access to all MLS listings in San Jose del Cabo and San Jose del Cabo Corridor.

2. This website offers you the latest price reductions in San Jose del Cabo (updated daily).

3. Use our interactive map and find listings that are available right alongside your favorite activity or area of interest. (On the listing page look for "view on interactive map")

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Cabo Office 011 52 (624) 1426049

US/CAN (949) 2874385 

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